New Live Video Just Put Up

Courtesy of Circulation Media, our pal Zak Kupcha (maker of our music video) has thrown together a little something for us to relive our 3rd Annual End Of The World Show that just took place last month. So, head on over to our videos tab to check it out. Or just click the link below!:

Someone leaked our album art! (might as well show our fans)

Our album art for our first full-album ,"Beasts & Goddesess" has been leaked on social media. We figured it's only right to go ahead and share it with the fans.someone leaked our album art, might as well show you guys

Tell us what you think!

Spankshaft with Reel Big Fish

Catch us on the RW&B with Snoop, Expendables, Pepper, Andy Frasco and Macho Combo!

Spankshaft is stoked to announce that we will be featured on the 2017 Rhythm Wine and Brews festival that takes place in Coachella on 3/4/17. We will be reunited with The Expendables while we open up for Pepper and the great Snoop D-O-double-G. We are also gonna get to rock out with Andy Frasco, who happen to be one of our new favorites. Tickets 'aint cheap but with a line-up like that it's well worth it.

Playing at The Cave (Big Bear) with Dead Man's Party

Big Bear Friends!-We will be opening up for Dead Man's Party, an Oingo-Boingo tribute band, at our home-away-from-home, The Cave. Come warm yourself up with us and have a drink as we rock out to the songs by Danny Elfman. Of course, afterward, we will be having a drink and relaxing at Whisky Daves accross the street.